5-Minute Bean Dip



This recipe happened by accident. That’s where many great recipes come from, right? Happy accidents. From this most recent accident came our famous5-Minute Bean Diprecipe! It’s not superlative when I say it might be the veryeasiest我们曾经创造过的食谱。豆类,莎莎和奶酪一起进入最奶油,最佳的管道热混乱。在脆脆的扣篮chips和it tastes remarkably like the queso from your favorite Mexican joint. With just3 ingredients, the flavor is more irresistibly complex than you’d imagine. But to really understand the magic here: you’ve got to taste it.



  • 罐头博洛蒂或九豆豆
  • Salsa
  • 切碎的墨西哥混纺或切达干酪
Borlotti beans recipe

Pinto Beans与Borlotti Beans

奇怪的是,我们首先使这款豆浸配备用独特的豆类:Borlotti Beans!亚历克斯在我们当地的杂货店中发现了它们,我们不小心地爱着他们。这种豆子用奶油肉质的博洛蒂豆的乳脂状味道惊人,但它们很难找到。Pinto Beans工作和替代品!这是关于两者的一些信息:manbetx体育网址

  • 什么是borlotti beans?Borlotti beans are a bean related to kidney and pinto beans. They’re common in Italy and Mexico, and also referred to as cranberry beans orcacahuate beans(在墨西哥)。他们在干状态是一个美丽女孩ful dappled white and pink color, but when cooked they look the same color as pinto beans, a sort of pinkish brown. We found them in 13-ounce jars in our local grocery.
  • Pinto Beans是Borlotti Beans的最佳替代品! You can easily make this dip with pinto beans and it tastes just as good!
豆角,扁豆dip recipe


This dip couldn’t be easier or faster. (Have we emphasized that enough yet?) In fact, you don’t even need to drain or rinse those beans. Yep, just use them right from the can! Here’s the brief overview of how this bean dip recipe comes together:

  • 将豆类,莎莎和奶酪扔进平底锅。不要排水或冲洗豆子:可以的液体对于获得正确的质地很重要。
  • Heat until the cheese melts.You’ll see it go from mostly melted to becoming a sort of liquid cheese. That’s when it’s ready! Serve when it’s piping hot.


通常我们都是关于烹饪干豆。manbetx体育网址但在这个bean dip配方中,我们不建议用煮熟的干豆代替。为什么?罐装豆子使他们的膜非常温柔,几乎是糊状的。罐装豆也有加厚的液体,在你从干燥时烹饪时是不可能的。你需要这两个东西,因为这个豆子倾向于恰到好处的纹理。为其中一个保存那些beanbean recipes!




  • 番茄,播种和切碎
  • 红洋葱或葱,切碎
  • 香菜
  • Pickled jalapenos
  • 辣酱(喜欢胆汁)

Vegan variation (and healthy option!)

Wait, you don’t want a gooey cheesy bean dip? We’ve got an option for you too. ThisEasy Refried Bean Dipis vegan and full of flavor! You’ll use storebought canned refried beans instead of whole beans, and mix it with green chiles and seasonings. It’s terrifically delicious and a smidge healthier than this bean dip recipe, if you’re looking for something lighter.

How to make bean dip

What to pair with bean dip

That’s it! You’ve got your bean dip faster than the time it takes you to read this article. Lastly, here are a few things we’d pair with bean dip. You can likely think of these yourself, but we wanted to point to a few specificdips for chips:

This bean dip recipe is…

Vegetarian and gluten free. For vegan, plant-based, and dairy-free, see the substitutes above.

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5-Minute Bean Dip

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  • 作者:manbetx体育网址
  • Prep Time:0 minutes
  • 煮熟时间:5 minutes
  • Total Time:5 minutes
  • 让:8祭品1x
  • 饮食:ManBetX体育App下载





  • 215盎司的罐头或罐子博洛蒂或Pinto Beans *
  • 2 cups(8 ounces) shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese**
  • 8 ounces温和或中等莎莎
  • 1/2茶匙kosher salt
  • Tortilla chips,用于服务


  1. 将所有成分添加到中等平底锅:不需要排水或冲洗豆子(也加入CAN液体)!将其温热过中热,直到奶酪融化,约5分钟。manbetx体育网址如果你想要一个更平滑的纹理,那么用masher轻轻地用masher。如有必要,味道并加入另一种少量盐。
  2. 立即服务tortilla chips。If desired, you can garnish with chopped veggies: we used a bit of finely chopped tomato, red onion and green onion with a drizzle of Cholula hot sauce.


*We used 2 13-ounce jars of borlotti beans we found at our local grocery, but pinto beans work just as well!

*为了健康的旋转,使用一半奶酪或去Refried Bean Dip(no cheese).

  • Category:开胃菜
  • 方法:Stovetop
  • 菜式:墨西哥风格的启发

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      Hi! We’ve made it with many brands with good luck. Any jarred type without too big of chunks will work great.

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